Some of our Services

Full Service Painting
Interior & Exterior
Wood Trim
Certified Elast-o-meric Coating Specialists
Wrought Iron Repair / Painting / Replacement
Wood Repair & Replacement
Stucco Repair
Pressure Washing
Foam Stucco Trim
Deck Coating
Drywall Repair
Shutter Removal & Replacement


Step by Step

  1. Invitation to bid on a project
  2. Job walk-through with paint rep
  3. Bid job according to specifications
  4. Provide color renderings of project
  5. Consultation with color selection process
  6. Apply color samples to buildings as needed to provide visual assistance
  7. Meet with client to discuss contract terms and procedures
  8. Provide notices of painting schedule
  9. Power wash buildings prior to painting
  10. Thorough preparation of painted surfaces
  11. Caulk cracks in wood, and where wood meets stucco
  12. Apply brush grade Elastomeric patch over scraped and peeling areas to prevent further deterioration and water intrusion
  13. Apply rapid-set stucco patch to cracked and damaged stucco
  14. Trench 6" below foundation and apply waterproofing material
  15. Prime all sanded, patched, and raw areas
  16. Detailed masking of all windows, plants, roof areas, hardscape, and vehicles near the area to be painted
  17. Apply two coats of paint to all wood and stucco surfaces - Sprayed areas are back-rolled to insure solid coverage and even application
  18. All trim brushed and rolled
  19. Individual appointments are made to paint front doors at homeowners' convenience.
  20. Thorough clean-up - all areas swept, hosed and left better than when we arrived
  21. Weekly contact with owners/board members/managers to give updates and address questions and concerns
  22. Walk-through, upon completion, to address any final touch-ups
  23. Final walk-through with clients to insure their satisfaction
  24. Final payment

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